Venue: Szolnok, Holt -Tisza Regatta Course
Date: 10 - 12 August 2018

Provisional list of events


Canoe 1 200m 500m 1000m
Canoe 2 200m 500m 1000m
Canoe 4 200m 500m 1000m
Kayak 1 200m 500m 1000m
Kayak 2 200m 500m 1000m
Kayak 4 200m 500m 1000m


Canoe 1 200m 500m
Canoe 2 200m 500m
Kayak 1 200m 500m
Kayak 2 200m 500m
Kayak 4 200m 500m

Competition Programme

7th of August (Tuesday)

Morning: Access period begins

8th — 9th of August (Wednesday - Thursday)

09:00-12:00; 15:00-18:00 Official training times

9th of August (Thursday)

14:00 Team Leaders’ meeting
15:00 ITOs’ meeting

10th — 12th of August (Friday - Sunday)

Competition days
End of the last day: Closing Ceremony

13th of August (Monday)

Evening: Access period ends