Coupon flyer matchups

Coupon flyer matchups

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The next part of the extreme couponing series that I wanted to discuss is understanding coupon matchups. We talked about how to start accumulating coupons yesterday and I think this is step 2. I also do regional grocery store matchups for stores like Safeway and for stores that are not in my area like Kroger, Publix, Giant Eagle, Meijer etc.. I will post some highlights and point you toward a person that does a good job with coupon matchups.

So what does coupon matchup mean exactly? Well it means that I look at the weekly circular each store puts out and I match up the best prices with coupons that are available. That is how you are going to find the very best deals on products- not by using those coupons the minute they come out but by holding onto them until you find a great sale to go along with it. I do not matchup every single item in a weekly circular- most of the time the products featured in a sales flyer are at a good price but not always.

So if you are looking at matchups that I post you can feel comfortable that I think most of those items are a good price. So the example above first lists the item- in this case Jello- and the price the store has it on sale for. The next thing listed is the coupons available for that item. Well that tells you that you need to go and purchase this item on the 10th or before. The majority of stores will not accept expired coupons so you may need to plan an early trip to the store.

You should see the word printable as well as a link. You can click that link and it should take you directly to the coupon to print it out. So the next question is- well what is a SmartSource insert? Each week your paper will have coupon inserts from different companies. We abbreviate these companies like this:. So the picture above is an example of what coupon inserts might look like. You can see right at the top they have listed either SmartSource or RedPlum as the company that distributed the coupons.

You can also check the spine of the insert which will have the date and the name of the insert. You are kind of out of luck unless you decide to try and buy coupons. You can either go to Clipping Services or Ebay and purchase coupons. Typically you will pay about. I would encourage you to be very careful when purchasing coupons. For the clipping services make sure you understand the timeline they have to send you the coupons- you want to make sure you actually get them in time for the sale.

Now, the drugstores work a little differently than grocery stores because you have loyalty programs in place. Here is an example of what a CVS coupon matchup might look like:. So what does that all mean? Well we know the first line is what the store has advertised the product at. No it does not. You can think of this basically as monopoly money. This monopoly money can be used to purchase almost anything you want in the store.

The idea is to keep using the monopoly money that you get on another item that generates money and then another item that generates money and so on. That way you are getting things week after week after week for very little money. Now with the drugstores you do want to be aware of limits. In the example above I listed the limit as 1. That means you may purchase a total of 1 and any other Zantac you purchase will not generate the ECB reward. The limits are usually listed in the weekly sales ad, in my coupon matchups or on the sale tag in the store.

You will want to pay attention to the dates the sales are available. The vast majority of stores will run a one week sale- so for the national chains it is typically Sunday- Saturday. Grocery stores are all over the place, in my city most stores have new ads that run from Wednesday-Tuesday- but every area will be different. One other note is that it is very important to look at the circular in your area before you shop.

Even in ads that run nationally, like Target ads, there can be a few small differences. Another example is Rite Aid, the ad for residents of California can have a few differences from the ad for Iowa. So you can go online to look at the circular for your city or you will likely get them in your newspaper just to double check. You can read about the loyalty programs at all three of the drugstores here.

Thanks for this series and the very clear and understandable explanations. Thankyou, this is very easy to understand. Now I understand a little bit more about using coupons. I just got done watching extreme couponing for the first time and that is how I wound up here. Your tutorial is very helpful in many ways to get started in saving money. Thank you very much! Thank you for explaining why that t.

My question is, can i use 2 coupons on 1 product. Because i tought u could not use 2 only one coupon for 1 item?? Feli that is only 1 coupon. The learning to CVS article should help you understand more:. Good morning Charlene and thanks again for this great teachings!!! Silvana, if you want to refresh your memory you can click Drugstore at the top of the blog.

An ECB is the little fake money that prints on your receipt. You can keep using that to pay for more stuff at CVS instead of real money. I have read this over and over and looking at my coupons and I have yet to find where the number are that I am to look for. So I guess you could say that I am confused. And If I am not able to print where do I get them? If you are asking where coupons are located you can typically find them in the Sunday newspaper or sometimes there are printable versions of coupons.

Hi I found your information to be very usefull. I have a few questions about couponing so if you can email me at Romero. I am trying to learn to coupon but i am so confused! Thank you so much…. So confused. Thank you much Charlene… I had previously read that area, but that is kind of whar lead to my confusion. Am I correct? I really appreciate your time and help. My family is in a tight squeeze, and.

Im trying to do what i can.. The exception would be if you have a store coupon. You can use two coupons if one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon. Thank you so much! I had my first adventure at cvs today! Except for a mean cashier, it went great!!!!! I thank you very much for helping us get started. It was very understandable and it seems like it will be fun. Thank you again from the Carroll and Sabala family and Happy Holidays.

I understand how to cut out a coupon or two, wait for a sale, and save money pretty common sense and yes, thank you for the tips , but how in the world do those people end up actually MAKING money? Can you explain that part by any chance? Do you know what that is about? Hi, I just started watching the Extreem TV Show and my question is how do they get enough coupons to buy hundreds of the same product. I love your site and am sure I will visit it often.

Thank you so much for all of your help! You can buy them from Ebay or other places. Sometimes people go to recycling centers and dig out the coupon inserts to get tons and tons of coupons. They have featured a few people that just steal papers too. One lady would walk her neighborhood and take any of the papers that were there after a day or two. I am pregnant and want to start saving up plez let me know if any one can help me thanks.

Thank you so much definitely will keep visiting. Phillip- some grocery stores offer loyalty cards. All three of the drugstores have them as well. It depends on the store that you shop at.

Dollar General Weekly Coupon Matchups {7//4}

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one of my links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Penny Pantry! I keep track of prices with my Price List , which guides me in knowing when something is worth buying. About prices:

Multiple, unique receipts can be uploaded to your account for tracking.

Gone are the days of clipping coupons from newspapers. If you are an extreme couponer, these 10 coupon apps are for you. T he one thing I remember most about working at Kroger 30 years ago was double-coupon days. Oh, the crowds. Oh, the coupons. And Oh, the carts overflowing with groceries.

Publix Coupon Matchups

Below you can find this weeks Tops Coupon Matchups. These are the sales you can find in the weekly ad matched with any available coupons. If you want to view the ad, you can either go here for the ad scans and look for the dates for the one you want or check your local ad online the Tops site. Most stores offer up gas points, and some offer instant savings instead. It may depend. This ad is from the Buffalo area, and sales can vary.

Target Weekly Deals And Coupon Matchups!

Please note that prices may vary by store. Please check your store for exact pricing. Please make sure that you check there frequently to see if any new coupons have surfaced for the ad. You are here: Multi-Item Deals. Activia Fit Drinks, 7 oz. Alexia Vegetable Side, 12 oz. Aquafina Water, 20 oz. Banquet Mega Bowls, 14 oz. Breyers Ice Cream, 48 oz.

10 Mobile Apps for Extreme Couponers

Remember me. ZIP Code. Subscribe to our daily savings newsletter. Buy 2 of any of the following varieties and sizes: Happy Inside - Any variety - 10 oz. Refrigerated Baked Goods Products, exp.

Fareway Weekly Coupon Matchups & Deals: 5//5

Using Target Coupons you find in inserts: Additionally, you can save even more with Cartwheel by Target. Special gift card offers this week:. Downy Honey Blends Liquid Softener Downy Unstoppables There is no carthwheel for the 4 pack regular kinds. Also there is a. It looks like certain Targets are handing them out as you walk around the store, not all of them do this. Good luck.

Publix: BEST DEALS Grocery / Health & Beauty Flyer Matchups!

The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure. Have you been waiting to see next weeks Tops Ad Preview?? Well the entire Tops Markets Weekly ad circular starting Sunday is here— all on the same page with this weeks Tops Supermarkets Ad in case you still have shopping to do this week. This page link never changes so bookmark it for easy reference by dragging this Tops Ad Scan link to your browser! Scroll down to see the full ad scan! The list contains all Brand items and any really good Tops B1G1 items! To be updated throughout weekend with new coupons! Click the tab for the date you want- this weeks matchups or next weeks!

This post may contain a link to an affiliate.

Publix Green Flyer Coupon Matchups for thru

Below are the list of store coupons, sale prices and coupon matchups for the Publix Green Flyer Coupon Matchups for thru You can usually find these flyers on the turnstile as you enter the store or at the customer service counter but you can also find the current one on the Publix website and even print the coupons from there. Just click the flyer picture below your weekly ad online. Publix Grocery Flyer Matchups. You can also usually find an early Publix Weekly Ad Scan to browse through. El Monterey Burritos or Chimichangas, 4. Items must appear on the same receipt; Cannot use this offer with any other print or in-app coupon or rebate. Texas Pete Wing Sauce, 12 oz, or Cha! Items must appear on the same receipt. Skyline Chili, Frozen, 13 to Remember, Publix allows you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon so the goal is to stack where you can in order to get the best deal! Disclosure Policy. Never miss a deal! Publix Green Flyer Coupon Matchups for thru Publix Grocery Flyer Matchups Note:

My name is Michelle and I am a stay-at-home-mom to two very busy boys. I love to save money and try to get the most for the least amount of money! I hope this site helps you stock your cart without breaking your budget. Remember, Publix is a fantastic place to shop! They have fantastic customer service and even better deals. With just a little bit of effort I think you will find that you can save BIG! Submit questions, comments, advertising inquiries or deals using the form below. You can also just email me to share a good find or even say "Hello! Your Name required.

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