Rockstv coupon code

Rockstv coupon code

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Green Rocks

I have ordered many pieces from Rocks t. I haven t had any problems. All of the items I ordered are of good quality and I haven t had any fall apart, change colors or any of the other issues stated on these reviews. I did return one item. Their customer service was great. I didn t have any problems returning my item and I received my refund quickly. When it arrived he spotted what appeared to be a crack on the underside of the stone. I ve had moonstone before so I know they have natural markings, but this looked different.

I was getting some jewellery valued that week at my local jewellers, so I took the ring with me to get it checked, as I love it and didn t want to return it unless it was faulty. The jeweller confirmed it was a crack. I called them up and explained. Said I wanted to exchange it. They agreed to reimburse me for the return postage. But they took ages and then just refunded it and no postage was paid back to me.

I called them back to find out why it hadn t been exchanged like it was meant to be, but they flat out refused to speak to me, so my partner who is very busy with work had to mess about and reorder. After a bit of back and forth they agreed to add a discount to make up for me paying to send the ring back. No sorry. No explanation. On receiving the second ring, they d just sent the identical, same faulty ring back to me.

I have photos evidence for all of this. After they did this i examined the ring with a fine tooth comb. I photographed and noted that the tag had one slanted corner and a mark under the writing on one side. I m so glad I did as this is important for what came next. Also no box for the ring either. I called back immediately. I was so angry but remained calm. Again they flatly refused to speak to me.

I insisted I wanted a manager on the line and they refused to even consider it. So again my partner had to follow it up and deal with it as I had no joy with my attempts. They refused to accept they sent the same ring. But said send it back for another exchange. They kept insisting all faulty items are isolated and inspected and taken off sale. But clearly they are not. We waited and nothing arrived. We could see they had received the ring back and had had it a while so my partner contacted them again.

They said all the moonstone Stone rings they have contain the exact same lines in them and little cracks and that it wasn t faulty. This makes no sense at all. We explained we had it checked at a jewellers so we knew it was faulty. They basically called us liars and said they weren t willing to send me another ring. Bearing in mind I d received the same ring twice, I only wanted one exchange but they messed it up. Not an unreasonable request on my part. I ve had moonstone before and large cracks are not a natural characteristic.

They know this but lie to cover up poor quality, faulty goods. They essentially were penalising me for requesting an exchange. So after all this we had to wait over a week, I think possibly nearly two weeks for the refund to be initiated. I desperately wanted the ring so after a lengthy discussion with my partner we thought, we ll just wait a little and reorder the ring under different details so they don t target me again with poor customer service and fingers crossed we ll finally get a different ring with no faults.

The crack was exactly the same underneath and now it had spread across the top of the stone, right the way through. Also the tag had the same marks on it. So there was no doubt it s the same ring. I have all the photo to prove all this. There is no way they did not see the large crack in the top before sending it. You can t miss it. They just didn t care and sent it out anyway. My partner has been on the phone to a manager after a few attempts but no resolution has been met.

They are still denying it s a crack. Inferring I m stupid and a liar. No apology. We re sending the ring back again, for a third time and washing our hands of these con merchants. They happily sell poor quality, faulty stones and God help you if you try to simply exchange or get something replaced or have the audacity to complain.

They will use every excuse in the book, penalise you and target you even more with poor service to make a point and example of you. Please do not use this company. My experience is not a one off mistake on their part. It is repeated, deliberate negligence and there is no accountability from them. They simply do not care whatsoever.

I ve never experienced anything like this from any company before. I m beyond furious and disgusted. They really need investigating! Please don t buy from them. It s not worth the risk or hassle. A lovely gift ruined and hours of our time wasted. I worked at Gemporia Ltd for close to two years. My last job there was as a TV producer. I have seen every trick and deceit that this organisation uses first hand.

Also, I was personally trained by the owner of the company, Mr Steve Bennett. Firstly, we are told expressly to use special camera angles and lighting to hide the obvious flaws and inclusions in the stones. Secondly, during training sessions as a TV producer, Steve Bennett constantly demanded that we lie to the customer and deceive them. These are selling techniques. Selling techniques designed to outwit the viewer and make a fool of the buyer.

This is why many of the presenters make bold claims about the gems themselves that are completely insupportable and have no basis in fact whatsoever. They lie. They lie to make lonely housewives part with their hard-earned cash for jewellery that falls apart after just a few weeks of use. Because anyone who has worked at the company for long enough knows that the jewellery is cheap and shoddy; it has been hastily and nastily cobbled together in the backstreets of Jaipur in India by cheap labour.

You see, as well as being unfair to the customer, the use of underpaid and underprivileged workers in foreign countries amounts to commercial exploitation. Thirdly, the stones themselves are also inferior. Mr Bennett sources them himself and gets them dirt cheap. They come from poor countries where the workers are exploited by wealthy westerners like Mr Steve Bennett. Well, gemstones are covered in blood; they are covered in the blood and sweat of poor workers in countries where the majority of the population live on less that one dollar per day.

The money that he pays for those gemstones never goes back into the communities from whence they came. Less what? Less quality! Steve Bennett even threw a meeting at a local hotel for his producers and presenters while I was there in which he demanded that we make him more money. He literally said: Get me more money! They keep the majority of their employees on zero hours contracts and the working environment is dirty and under-facilitated.

So, if he treats British workers like that, can you even imagine how he treats the workers in Third World nations?! Do NOT purchase jewellery from this company it is badly made and it is made off the back of human suffering. Do not contribute to the greed and misery that already exists in this world. My elderly mother purchased a ring from the TVs site rocks and co. I saw it on the tv with her.

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New York Rocks Magazine. The Rock N Roll Column. Phil Fiumano. Click here to add text. Karl Cochran. Peace Everyone.

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Gates open 2pm and the artists keep rockin until 10pm. Country Rocks Members enter your discount code that you have been emailed to claim your. Please contact us via email if you have not received your code. During the Event, patrons must remain on designated pathways and follow official directions by Venue staff and security. Those ejected from the Venue will not be re-admitted to the Event and tickets will not be refunded.

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An object or technology with powers so diverse and magical that it can cause almost any effect as needed by the plot. If an actual substance, a common variation is to have it come in different colors , each with a varying set of effects. The name refers to the Kryptonite meteor rocks found in most incarnations of the Superman franchise which were most famously, but not always, green. These Green Rocks, in addition to functioning as Big Blue s primary weakness , have been known to: When it is exotic, difficult to find, and you must have it to power the Applied Phlebotinum , it is Unobtainium. If Green Rocks are animal or vegetable rather than mineral, they might be domesticated as a Multipurpose Monocultured Crop. If the Green Rocks are spread across a range anywhere from a small town to the entire world, area-of-effect Green Rocks so to speak, then it may constitute as a Mass Super-Empowering Event. It can also be a source of great evil: Why green? Why do they glow?

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I have ordered many pieces from Rocks t. I haven t had any problems. All of the items I ordered are of good quality and I haven t had any fall apart, change colors or any of the other issues stated on these reviews. I did return one item. Their customer service was great. I didn t have any problems returning my item and I received my refund quickly.

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