D&d dice coupon code

D&d dice coupon code

From our Gunmetal Dice Series that we launched originally on Kickstarter, our acrylic and resin dice sets and our metal polyhedral dice set offerings; we have what you need for your table-top adventures. We have numerous dice for sale by sets and we have various styles to choose from. We re always working hard to bring new dice sets out. We carry dice in bulk. We currently have numerous selections and many of our bulk sets come with a bonus bag or with some extra that you won t find anywhere else.

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One year ago on this very weekend, I gave each person in my gaming group a set of fudge dice. I wanted to thank each and every one of those folks. Without their support Artisan Dice would not exist. Included the very first machined stainless steel polyhedral dice! And yes they will be engraved later today so they will have numbers before you get them ;. How do you win these historic dice? For those of you without facebook you can comment on this post to enter. So head on over to our facebook page and help us celebrate our 1st birthday and win some very cool dice in the process!

Ben — March 8, Nathan Murphy — March 8, Christopher Jennings — March 8, This are simply elegant and lovely little pieces of art. Definitely will be acquiring some sets once some room in my budget will allow me to. Jefferson — March 8, Jake Sippel — March 8, Justin Yates — March 8, I believe that this is the best way to treat yourself if you have been a gamer for life.

Been playing DnD since I was 10, thats 31 years ago and still playing. Thanks again for creating something that I will enjoy for 30 more years. Hollis — March 8, Dean Tulipane — March 8, Congratulations on an awesome first year and I personally look forward to seeing what is yet to come. Sean C. Bourke — March 8, Cassie G — March 8, AlecT — March 8, Neil — March 8, Lee — March 8, Steven — March 8, Avalon — March 8, Aaron — March 8, AdamW — March 8, These dice look awesome!

Commenting to get in the give-away. I bet you roll some of those awesome dice to determine who gets a set. John D. BassBone — March 8, Justin S. Uriah O — March 8, Popenasty McShasty — March 8, I can haz dice? I remember when your kickstarter started and I pledged for a set. Then money got tight and I had to drop out. Hoping to get a set this time around.

Kash — March 8, Brian W — March 8, Matthew B — March 8, Brian G — March 8, Mike C — March 8, Congratulations on your first year!! I love me some fancy dice. Andrew — March 8, Liz — March 8, Lee N — March 8, Sweet looking dice sets. Bookmarking for a later purchase. Will check back on the 11th for the new kickstarter. Shame the shares for a chance to win are failbook only.

Joe — March 8, Joe Younger — March 8, The art bug — March 8, Marshall W — March 8, Dennis Stewart — March 8, Grant W — March 8, Derek Gundrum — March 8, Spencer B — March 8, Heads up: Rik — March 8, Dinah Novy — March 8, I had never heard of you before but I really like what I see. Congrats on your first year.

May you enjoy many more. Keiran — March 8, They look amazing. Best of luck in the future! Patrick — March 8, Jay — March 8, TheWhite — March 8, Jennifer — March 8, Brandon — March 8, Zee S — March 8, Michael Dye — March 9, Beautiful work guys. Congratulations on the one year mark and good luck in the future! Keep kicking ass! John — March 9, I hope you guys continue to see a steady supply of business so you can keep making awesome dice.

PhysicsPhDStu — March 9, Scott — March 9, Jon Mierow — March 9, What an awesome idea. Congrats on the one year! Looking forward to the new project and possibly winning a set of dice! Dustin — March 9, Shawn Klaus — March 10, Monica C. I already shared the Facebook post, but I just wanted to say here that the metal dice look amazing, and I am so happy to have been and still be a part of the success of Artisan Dice.

I love the fact that, in my own small way, I helped a fellow gamer and artisan turn a fun hobby into an awesome career, and I enjoy using my dice every time I play my Saga Star Wars character. Wooden dice totally love Jedi.

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Has anyone purchased anything from the website before? Was wondering if it was safe to use. We have 3 Your Store Online coupon codes for you to choose from including 3 sales. Most popular now:

One year ago on this very weekend, I gave each person in my gaming group a set of fudge dice. I wanted to thank each and every one of those folks.

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Dnd Dice Coupons & Deals

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It’s been a year already?!

Advertise with Us. Remember Me? The Rules. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of My Gamescience dice are shit. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I bought a set of clear Gamescience dice on vacation last year, and was a bit disappointed at the time, but as I didn t have much gaming going on at the time, I didn t think much of it. Now that I m living with someone who owns real tools, and I m gearing up to do some proper gaming, I pulled them out of the box to give them a proper look and maybe take the file and sandpaper to them to clean them up. And they fucking suck.

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Last stock of our popular Pride Flag inspired dice samples are available now at rollwithadvantage. Link in bio. This unnamed fusion will soon be available only at The Dice Shop Online. In production now, TDSO will carry sets, d6s, pips, and single d20s! Now for a name

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After gazing upon DragonSteel Dice, many adventurers assume they must be made of ground up dragon scales, but they are not. Zinc alloy is electroplated with nickel to create the brushed silver look. While we may not know exactly where "zinc" comes from, or how it s forged, or what "electroplating" means, our best guess is that dwarves and dark magic are heavily involved. DragonSteel D6 3 Pack available now! They are standard sized dice, but to give you a better idea of their size, here they are next to a ruler:. Dice measurements: D4 21mm x 18mm , D6 14mm , D8 16mm x 22mm , D10 20mm x 23mm , D10 percentages 20mm x 23mm , D20 21mm x 25mm.

GnomeWorks Wooden Dice Box

Then get them a Gift Certificate to Tabletop Loot! Tabletop Loot Gift Certificates are emailed directly to you with a coupon code. To use the Gift Certificate, simply input the coupon code during check out! For Coffee Drinkers: This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug holds the perfect amount of your favorite hot beverage. This ceramic … Read More. Yeah, us too. A Black T-Shirt with either red or white text.

We combine craftsmanship and thematic artistry to create truly unique pieces of functional art for your game. From the Original Component Collector to our fully sculpted Valhalla Screens for GMs, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsmen.

D&d dice coupon code

Awesome Dice has extensive experience supplying organizations who need large volumes of dice for special projects or uses. In the past three months, we have completed the following large dice projects:. Organizations needing large volumes of dice qualify for discounts not available to the general public. Simply contact us to get started. First, a bit of news: Awesome Dice is under new ownership as of this past 19th of November. Brooke my wife and I are super-excited to start this new venture. Our kids are equally excited. So much so that they help out after school almost every day. Things have been fun, albeit a bit stressful for the past month.

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Dnd Dice Coupons & Deals

Update 20 For backers only. Sep 8, For backers only. If you re a backer of this project, please log in to read this post. Update Sep 1, You d be surprised how little glitter it takes to cover a sqft area, and how long it takes to clean it all up. It still shows up. We ve had a lot of fun making your candles and we really hope you enjoy them, and we really appreciate your support. There were some stressful times, like waiting for certain pieces of hardware to arrive, wondering if our wax would showup on time, and if the next shipment of scents would be available, but overall it was a pretty smooth process. To thank you all some more, we wanted to give you a Kickstarter Only promo code to our new Etsy store. It s been live for a bit but we ve kept it under the radar until we were completed with your orders. We have some awesome new products coming soon and we really hope we can rely on your continued support. Jul 7, Just wanted to reach out and let you know that our Etsy Shop is now open to place orders!

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