Windows coupon printer plugin

Windows coupon printer plugin

Versions 4. The average file size is about It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Coupons by the certification authority VeriSign. Coupon Printer Plugin is a web browser extension for Google Chrome web browsers wanting to run the Coupon Printer add-in. Coupon Printer for Windows is software that allows users to build and print coupons that will be accepted at retail stores.

EGeezer to sailor. EGeezer to dsilvers. CouponsInc to sailor. JeffW to sailor. JeffW08 to sailor. I want to try a vitamin by One-A-Day. I went to their website to see if they had any coupons and they did for a dollar off. But when I went to print the coupon it tells me I need to install a coupon printer I am not much on coupons but have printed coupons before Best Buy etc and never was told I need to install something. MrFixit1 join: Not willing to say if it is safe or not , but one thing makes me wonder.

That page has a nice link why that should explain their reasoning. And what do we find on clicking the link? Not too fond of sites that do that. You should know that: It Is Anonymous The Coupon Printer does not gather or ask for any personal information about you or your computer. The Coupon Printer does not report any information about your Internet use. It is only used for coupon printing. The Coupon Printer provides security features that are needed to provide you with a real coupon you can use in a store.

The Coupon Printer provides encryption to make sure that your privacy is protected. Coupons, Inc. EGeezer Premium Member join: I don t know if it s safe or not. That being said, I ve printed lots of coupons from sites without having to install any Active-X or other add-on crap, and would not do so at sites that require me to install stuff on my PC just to print a coupon. I vote with EGeezer on this one. If it wants a brand new Active-X control to be installed, the decision is to pass.

Contact Bayer 1-a-day directly, and express your concerns. There is a place on their website to do so: That will most certainly raise the interest level, as Bayer I am sure would like all to know whether sites promoting coupons for their products are conducting this in a safe and secure manner. Please let us know the results. For all we know the site you visited is not authorized to produce coupons; or is perfectly safe; or they appreciate your security concerns.

Most of these large companies are not that completely faceless. I would be very surprised if they did not respond to your concerns in an affirmative way, fairly quickly, and in a positive way. Let us know how it sorts for you in the end. One hit at Jotti: Not analyzed yet more info Scanner results Scan taken on 28 Mar Web Found Adware. I have no idea what their keys do. At this point I terminated the.

I wouldn t install this. Most people like to save a dollar. The question you should ask yourself, is a one dollar discount worth the risk? The answer is no. Thank you dsilvers, Likely the couponprinter. It is the same deal offered on the Bayer site. But it is not worth it anymore to not ask if it is Safe. I still, as EGeezer suggested above, think that nobody should be asking anyone to install an Active-X control to print a coupon.

I have printed several, but have never had to install an Active-X control to do so. Bayer, the owners of this product, should know this raises a concern. We have to educate the "push" sides of the malware equation as well as the "pull" side to act responsibly. I personally think it was a great question to ask, and I personally appreciate the care taken to do so. Bill Castner. I just sent them an email from their website explaining my concern about the coupon printer and I also included a link to this thread.

Thanks for the suggestion and for all the replies. I didn t download it and I will post here any email reply as well as they might make a reply directly here on the thread. Bill, I got the download in Firefox. I had to allow scrips to get it so evidently they have more than one version. I did not try IE. I absolutely agree that both sides need an education.

I got my education when someone said here take one of these its good for you. Flags should go up anytime it says free. David Silvers. I would say that if you felt uncomfortable enough about any addition to your system than just printing a coupon, don t, plain and simple. I have printed tons of coupons, but were I asked to download anything to my system to get it, I would pass. Just my opinion, for what it s worth I started cuponpriter.

If they want to track prints, there are other ways to track requests of print of a page. I don t need excess crap on my system. CouponsInc pacbell. Thank you all for expressing your concerns. The Coupon Printer that you have to install a ensures that the barcodes you print are rendered at the proper resolution so they scan properly at checkout and b allows us to limit the number of each coupon that you can print on a given computer. This limitation is critical to our clients who need to have some control over the number of coupons they distribute, and therefore their total financial liability.

Keep in mind that manufacturer coupons involve retailers giving you the discount and manufacturers reimbursing them. This differs from some of the restaurant and retail coupons given as examples above. The Coupon Printer does not require or collect any personal information nor does it track any of your other web activities. You may be asked to register on a brand website before getting a coupon, but that information is not shared with Coupons, Inc.

You can uninstall the software at any time--you ll simply have to reinstall when you print coupons again. I believe you can reply to me via email through this forum. I will try to respond to individual questions if possible. Also please visit our Coupon Resource Center at www. AB Premium Member join: Well, when I see independent confirmation that the reporting, installation and uninstallation issues that Ben Edelman has documented in MGD s post above have been fixed, I may reconsider.

Until then, I ll continue to regard the program as one that fails to meet my technical, security and privacy needs and that of my associates. Lagz Premium Member join: Snowy Premium Member join: Coupons Inc has really got you goin Collecting the Windows Activation and serial number codes - A warez purveyor s dream, a bunch of those. I assume the anonymous poster really is Jeff Weitzman, though since he s anonymous, there s no way to verify that, nor to email him through the forum.

Anyway, I here reply on the basis of that assumption. Thanks for coming here to talk with us. Do you have any comments on the deceptive practices of Coupons, Inc, as reported at this web site: This puts it in the company of various forms of malware, and clearly distinguishes it from any good-faith implementation. Your claim that the software can be unintalled is contradicted by Edelman s observations that various pieces are left behind, for example in the Windows directory.

For the record, Edelman is generally considered to be a reliable reporter. Howdy folks. I m the author of some research about Coupons. I read the discussion above, and it seems like everyone is getting the information they seek -- or at least reaching a reasonable conclusion. If there s anything I can do to clarify, just ask. In short: I stand behind the facts in my two articles about Coupons.

How to Print Coupons

Share Get App. With our selection of software-free printables, you can kiss those frustrations goodbye! Contact Support here. No problem, you can now get grocery coupons without printing instantly. Check out cellfire grocery coupons below:

Listed below are answers to the most common questions asked by our visitors. Additionally, you can consult Coupons.

Should I remove Coupon Printer for Windows? What percent of users and experts removed it? Overall Sentiment. What do people think about it? How common is it?

Coupon Printer for Windows

Coupon Printer is a software that belongs to the, mildly saying, group of questionable programs. The 2-spyware research team conducted a research on it a couple of weeks ago. It has revealed that Coupon Printer adware is powered by Coupons. However, it seems that this browser add-on has lots of downsides, so installing it would be a mistake. All in all, if you have installed this app either via the official page or software bundle, our recommendation would be to render a professional anti-malware and delete Coupon Printer extension right away!

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Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

When I attempt to print coupons from U. I m using Windows 7, Firefox I welcome any suggestions in specific detail. Thank you. Hi Violetblu ,. Thank you for responding Abhishek. Besides, once you select the coupons and click print, it goes straight to the printer via smartsource. The good news is that, today when I tried again, the coupons printed vs. I did confirm that my HP Printer is set for color and not grayscale. I even tried saving the coupon to my hard drive.

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Browse by category. Get quote. Save to list. Have a Question? With Millions of IT pros, someone out there is bound to have an answer about this product! Specifications Unfortunately, we don t have any manufacturer specs for this product yet.

Remove and Uninstall Coupons CouponBar and Coupon Printer Plugin

First, make sure the printer is clean, stocked with the proper kind and amount of HP Ink, and able to perform up to its best potential. Fixing Print Quality Problems. If you have not done so, consider updating the printer Firmware. Firmware should be updated only after the Full Feature Software is installed and functional. Bar codes are odd data -- the printer likely cannot translate the content. Save and Print the data as an image. Next, for "missing bar" code prints from the Windows computer , try downloading the page that contains the bar code content and print the saved.

Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide

Give hackers a swift kick in the cookies. See if your data has been affected by a breach with Firefox Monitor. Try it now. Access your history, passwords and open tabs wherever you are with Sync. Connect a second device. I want to use the website www. However when I try to download I receive the above message. I have disabled firewalls, pop-up blockers, am updated on everything and have scanned everything. It will work with IE8, but not working with Firefox at the moment.

The days of sitting over the Sunday paper, clipping coupons with a pair of scissors, are over. Big-box retailers, grocery stores, and even corner markets are online now, and so are their coupons.

Remember me. ZIP Code. Subscribe to our daily savings newsletter. Problems Printing Coupons? Step by step guide on how to print a coupon on coupons. And you can easily print from your mobile device. Be sure to check out this update here. Back to the top! This page features a test coupon. Do this with the browser you intend to use for printing coupons. Finally, re-install the coupon printing software by following the steps HERE. This guide will walk you through the process of troubleshooting Java on your personal computer. Please close all applications and browser windows unrelated to the coupon printer, and ensure that your printer is on and set as the default printing device. It is more likely that your browser is blocking Java from running. Please follow this guide to assist in enabling Java.

Coupon Printer is a program that would cause some removing issues on the PC, to totally uninstall Coupon Printer from Windows, you may need some necessary knowledge and skills to perform the removal correctly. Coupon Printer is a coupons. This program generally also bundles CouponBar, a web browser toolbar that facilitate the users to use the coupon online. Therefore, when you install Coupon Printer, you will find that the program is not only the item being added to your computer. To stop the annoying ads on your web browser and the desktop created by the program, you should remove it from your computer as well as its toolbar on the web browser. Although the above traditional way is widely used by people to remove their unwanted program, more and more people in nowadays prefer to apply a professional uninstall tool to perform the removal, which is much easier and faster to complete the uninstallation, including handle the toolbars removal as well as guarantee a complete uninstall for the program. Thus, people will be able to save the time and energy to find and clear those remnants being left on the PC.

The latest known version of Couponprinter. EXE "executable" files, such as couponprinter. When you "double-click" an EXE file, your computer automatically executes these instructions designed by a software developer eg. Coupon Printer on your PC. Every software application on your PC uses an executable file - your web browser, word processor, spreadsheet program, etc. Without executable files like couponprinter. Often, viruses will be disguised as a benign EXE file such as couponprinter. In addition, viruses can infect, replace, or corrupt existing EXE files , which can then lead to error messages when Coupon Printer or related programs are executed. Thus, any executable files that you download to your PC should be scanned for viruses before opening - even if you think it is from a reputable source. EXE errors, such as those associated with couponprinter. These EXE error messages can appear during program installation, while a couponprinter. Coupon Printer is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Keeping track of when and where your couponprinter. We do not recommend downloading couponprinter.

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